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""As long as people with disabilities remain ashamed of who we are, we will never realize the true equality and freedom we so desire. We must first take pride in ourselves as a community. We must no longer be ashamed of being disabled... Today marks the beginning of our efforts to develop a whole community of people with disabilities who are proud to be who we are. . We must put our efforts into transforming the hearts, minds, and souls of our people, for that is where our true power lies."

-Sarah Triano, developer of the first Disability Pride Parade in Chicago, IL, 2004.

Welcome to CyberCIL Advocacy!!!

Denise Thompson

Hello, My name is Denise Thompson!

Iím your self advocacy specialist. Iím blind and use a dog guide, Penny, as a mobility assistant. Iíve been involved in disability advocacy for more than 25 years. I worked at Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL) for 12 Ĺ years. While there I held many positions including Independent Living Skills Trainer, Information & Referral Specialist, instructor for the Personal Assistant Training class and as the Manager of the Community Integration Unit.

After passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, I was chosen to receive training in all aspects of the ADA by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In 1998, I became the appointed Executive Director of the Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities. In October 2005, I left state employment and founded a nonprofit organization called Creating Community Inclusion, Inc., CCI at As the Executive Director of CCI, I continue my work as a disability advocate, trainer and educator helping people with disabilities understand their rights and those without disabilities understand their obligations to create a more accessible community.

On the personal side, I enjoy animals. My household includes: four dogs, two miniature horses and a canary. Iím also an avid sports fan. I especially enjoy listening to baseball, basketball and football. Someday, Iíd like to visit Australia.

Iím pleased to be working with Cyber CIL and you. Please send your questions or contact me at

This area will be your source for on-line individual advocacy and systems change.
As we grow and develop, CyberCIL will give you the tools you need to address your
own needs, as well as those of all Arizonans with disabilities. If you have
resources or tools which we can use on this site, share them with us. We will
acknowledge your contribution.

"I do so love all the patriots of this and every nation who have fought and sacrificed to bring us to the threshold of this beautiful human dream. Thanks to you, I believe that the revolution of empowerment will go on. I love you so much. I'm with you always. Lead on! Lead on!"

-Justin Dart

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