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No one can tell you exactly how to make and keep friends, but here are some ideas that may be helpful:

1. Be yourself. You want friends to like you the way you really are, not some image you try to be like

2. Be a friend to others. An old saying has it, "To have a friend, be a friend."

3. Listen and show an interest in what your friend is interested in.

4. Be loyal to your friend. Stand up for your friend. Donít talk behind your

friendís back or tell his or her secrets.

5. Be considerate and understanding of your friend.

6. If you disagree, talk it out. Apologize if you should.

7. Donít criticize or correct your friend, especially in front of others.

8. Donít think you own your friend. Everyone needs to have more than one

friend. Too much togetherness can get to be TOO MUCH.

9. Share your feelings with your friend. But be careful you arenít always

complaining or bragging.

10. Help your friends feel good about themselves. Let them know you think

they are great when you get the chance.



Directions: Answer the following questions. There is more than one correct answer to each question

1. Why are friends important to everyone?





2. What qualities do you find most important in your friends?





3. If you moved to a new area, what might you do to make friends?





4. If two friends are having problems getting along, what might they do to try to work it out?





5. Is it possible to have more than one close friend at a time? Why or why not?




CI: 1998 J Benshoof (revised from J. Weston Walch, Publisher ? 1986)



  • Everyone needs to have friends. But some people try too hard to be accepted by their friends. Sometimes, people will go along with their friends, even when they know their friends are wrong.
  • Donít allow your friends to pull you into doing things you feel are wrong. Do the things you enjoy, even if they arenít activities that will impress your friends. It is more important to please yourself. No matter what your friends say or do, you must do what is right for you.







Directions: In a sentence or two, tell how you might handle each problem..



1. your friends have been "getting high" and want you to join in. You really donít want to, but youíre afraid youíll loose your friends.. what can you do?











2. Some of your friends have been telling lies about another friend. You really like your other friend. What can you do?











3. You want to join a computer club, but your friends think computers are for "nerds". What can you do?








Pretend you will be stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific in one week from now. Your basic needs will be provided for; food, water and shelter, etc.

Please respond to the following questions;


1. Before you leave for the island, you will be allowed to spend three days anywhere in the world with any one of the "loved ones" in your life. Where would you like to spend the three days and with whom?






2. What do you hope the natives will learn from you?






3. The night before you leave you will be treated to a nice dinner theater. what would you like to be served, and who would you like to be entertained by?




4. What will you miss most about your current life, and what will you miss the least?




5. You may take three famous people (living or dead) with you to the island (no relatives or friends). Who will you take?





6. What personal traits would you like to leave behind, and which ones will be the most important to you on the island?

leave behind:

important to take: