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  1. What should you do if a smoke alarm goes off? what does a smoke alarm sound like?
  2. What should you do if the fire alarm goes off? What does a fire alarm sound like? Do you usually follow someone else, or do others follow you?
  3. What should you do in case of a tornado or tornado warning? How do you find out about a tornado warning? Describe the weather before a tornado.
  4. If there was a fire outside of your bedroom door, how would you get out?
  5. What should you do in a severe storm? How do you know when a storm is severe?
  6. What should you do if you go outside after a storm and power lines are lying in the road?
  7. What should you do if you are home alone and a water pipe breaks?
  8. What should you do if you are home alone and you hear someone trying to break in?
  9. What should you do if you get a piece of toast stuck in the toaster?
  10. What should you do if you have a grease fire in your house?
  11. What should you do if you have an electrical fire in your house?
  12. When should you take the garbage out?
  13. What should you do if you are alone and you need help?
  14. Where should you go if there is a severe storm or tornado and your house or apartment doesnít have a basement?
  15. If there was a fire in the hall outside your bedroom door and you lived on the fourth floor of the building, what would you do?
  16. What is 911? When do you use 911?
  17. If you have to call someone to fix a broken pipe, what will you look under in the phone book? What will you say to the person who answers the phone?
  18. What should you do if you come home and find the door open?
  19. List three people and their phone numbers who can help you in an emergency situation.



____ Emergency numbers are posted by the telephone.

____ Appliances, lamps, and cords are clean and in good condition.

____ There is a sufficient number of electrical outlets in each room.

____ The thermostat on the water heater is set at 110? or lower.

____ Medications are stored in a safe place.

____ Carpeting or rugs are not worn or torn.


____ Stove and sink area are well-lighted.

____ If using a gas stove, it should be equipped with pilot lights and an automatic cut-off in the event of flame failure.

____ The stove is not located under curtains.

____ There is a proper kitchen exhaust system.

____ Hazardous household agents are stored safely.

____ There is enough counter space.



____ Turn pan handles away from other burners and the edge of the stove?

____ Avoid wearing long, loose garments when cooking?

____ Keep pot holders near the stove?

____ Turn on the exhaust fan when cooking?

____ Operate the microwave only when there is food in it?

____ Disconnect small appliances when not using them?

____ Keep knives in knife rack or drawer?

____ Keep countertops clean and clear?

____ Keep drawers and cupboards closed?

____ Wipe up grease spills at once?



____ Steps are in good condition and free of objects.

____ Smoke detectors are in place.

____ Hallways contain night lights.

____ Handrails are sturdy and secure.

____ Doors do not swing out over steps.

____ Clearance in the stairway provides adequate head room.




____ Electric cords are placed along walls, not under rugs and away from traffic areas.

____ Couches and chairs are sturdy and secure.



____ The bethtub or shower has nonskid mat or strips.

____ Grabars are installed on the walls by the bathtub and toilet.

____ Towel bars and soap dish are sturdy and secure.

____ Faucet and valve handles are in good condition.



____ Dispose of old medication?

____ Keep radio, portable heater, and other electrical appliances away from tub or shower?




____ Keep a lamp or flashlight within reach of your bed?

____ Use a night light to brighten the way to the bathroom at night?



____ Steps and walkways are in good condition.

____ Handrails are sturdy and secure.

____ Doorways are well-lighted.

____ Garage is adequately ventilated.

____ Tools and lawn and garden equipment are stored safely.

____ Toxic materials are labled and stored correctly.



Directions: Knowing what to do in an emergency can be a matter of life and death. Below are some situations when youíd need help fast. Find out where to get the help you need in your town. You may use a telephone book. Write the telephone numbers or people you think you should call for help in each situation listed. (There may be several correct answers for each situation.)


1. A fire is out of control in your home. 2. You are out of work and really need

a job.







3. A member of your family has taken 4. Your gas heater has a bad leak

an overdose of medicine and is and has allowed a lot of gas to

unconcious escape into your home






5. As you come home, you realize 6. Your child wakes up at 2:00 a.m.

a burgler is in your home with a very high fever (105? ).






7. Your water heater breaks, flooding 8. The power is off in your home

your home. and itís 10? outside.