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Answer the questions below with "True" or False".

1. I usually put my best foot forward. _______

2. I rarely feel embarrassed. ________

3. I feel I have above-average intelligence. ________

4. I am quite ambitious. ________

5. I can be very decisive. ________

6. I am tenacious in matters that count. _______

7. I enjoy my own company. _______

8. I have strong powers of concentration. _______

9. I donít feel shy or ill-at-ease with new people. _______

10. When situations beyond my control go wrong, I donít blame myself. ______

11. I enjoy being praised or complimented. _______

12. I donít feel anxious when I have to address a group. _______

13. I have fantasies of doing something great. _______

14. I feel humiliated and hurt if someone makes a joke at my expense. _______

15. I donít mind showing off my good points and getting attention for them.____

16. In general, I have lots of energy._______

17. I enjoy taking calculated risks. _______

18. I am psychologically tough. _______

19. I have a great deal of self-confidence. _______

20. I can remain cool in a crisis. _______

21. I have considerable powers of discernment. _______

22. I am quite self-sufficient. _______

23. I feel I am a persuasive person. _______

24. I feel I can hold my own in any group. _______

25. I can give praise easily and with sincerity._______

26. I appreciate constructive criticism. _______

27. I am accepted by most people I meet. _______

28. I donít feel uncomfortable in a position of authority. _______

29. I feel I have a strong personality. _______

30. I react quickly and well to an unexpected situation. _______


Count the number of times you answered "True".

25-30 Very high and stable self-esteem

20-24 Moderately high self-esteem

10-19 Unstable self-esteem

0-9 Very low self-esteem

  • If your self-esteem is low, you donít have the self-regard, optimism, and resiliency to cope with problems and bounce back from disappointments. But donít worry. we all can become more self-assured with a bit of work.

Words to understand when doing this inventory:

tenacious: adhesive; stubborn; persistent; constant; determined.

decisive: conclusive; definite; final.

discernment: recognize differences; see clearly; insight; perception.

persuasive: convincing; forceful; effective.