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CyberCIL of Arizona is accepting applications for it's Governing Board.
CyberCIL exists totally in Cyberspace, with our own consumer directed
Board of Governors who is setting the course of the first virtual Center
for Independent Living.

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are typically non-profit
corporations which are directed, managed and staffed by people with
disabilities.CILs offer a variety of services and work within their
communities to advocate for needed systems changes.

In addition to the services and resources that you can access in
CyberCIL, we will maintain linkages with other centers and providers
in Arizona's Independent Living Network.

Members selected to the governing board will promote CyberCIL's
mission, paticipate in strategic planning, update/approve center
policies and oversee CyberCIL's finances. All business will be
conducted over the Internet. A majority of the Board of Directors
must be people with disabilities. A criterion for acceptance on
the Board of Directors includes:

  • Arizona Residency

  • Knowledge and understanding of,
    and commitment to, the principles
    and philosophy of independent living.

  • The ability and commitment to
    participate on board committees and
    in online planning.

  • The ability and committment to
    visit the center's web site at least
    four times per week.

Individuals interested in applying for the Board of Directors
should send an email message outlining their credentials to our
Executive Director at