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Do you have a cervical spinal cord injury and live in the United States?
If so, you qualify for the following research survey.

Arm and Hand Function Research Survey

The Reeve-Irvine Research Center is conducting a research study to
determine more details about the arm/hand impairments experienced by men
and women with cervical spinal cord injuries and their knowledge about
surgical options to increase function. The information gained from this
study will be used to help scientists and medical doctors develop
experiments addressing these issues, with the aim of developing
therapeutic treatments for people living with SCI. For more information
please contact Dr. Kim Anderson at or call 949-824-0056.
All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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As you may have heard, there is now a free, no-strings attached,
prescription drug discount card for up to %20 discount, and it even
applies to pet medications! There are no special qualifications, and
it may be used even if you already have prescription drug coverage.

Amazed? I am, too. And, this is no hoax!

You can get your free discount card at a number of County locations
in AZ and across the US.

For Maricopa County residents, visit the Maricopa County website for
card outlet locations and details:

All others, go to the site to see if your county participates:

a href=", be sure to let others know about this helpful new program!

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Hello Friends of MHA Arizona!

Did you know that men and women experience and express the symptoms
of depression differently? It's true. Women are much more open about
their symptoms of depression, such as sadness and emptiness whereas men
tend to conceal, deny or express depression through anger or risky behavior.

The stereotypical "tough guy" image is often a barrier to diagnosis
and treatment for men, especially older men. For many older men,
depression means being weak or vulnerable, which dramatically conflicts
with the "tough guy" image they so often subscribe to. Depression is a
key factor in attempted or death by suicide and older men in America die
by suicide more than any other age or gender group.

Breaking down the stigma of depression through awareness and education
will result in more people being treated and recovering from this very
real and common illness. Please read and share the article below about
how Stereotypes Keep Men from Care.

To become more aware of the symptoms of depression and for a free and
confidential depression screening, go to or If you or someone you know is contemplating
suicide, call the National Mental Health Association's Suicide Hotline at

Mind you health because mental health matters!

Cynthia Henry
Education & Outreach Coordinator
Mental Health Association of Arizona
6411 E. Thomas Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Ph 480.994.4407 ext. 16, Fax 480.994.4744

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