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CyberCIL logo

CyberCIL is a Center for Independent Living(CIL)that exists completely
online, providing an environmentally friendly, accessible resource for persons
with disabilities throughout Arizona and the online world.

Through the "Service" link you will find four large doors that are
representative of the four core services that all Centers for
Independent Living must have. In our Library you will find documents which
contain information of interest for persons with disabilities, their friends
and/or family. Through the door marked "Other Services" you will find
additional staff who have expertise in a variety of areas.

Feel free to browse our web site, let us know how we can assist you
by completing our Consumer Information Tracking System, explore our
resources,contact our staff or complete our Consumer Satisfaction
online. Welcome!

CyberCIL Mission Statement

Below is the mission which guides the activities of the CyberCIL of Arizona.

The mission of CyberCil of Arizona is to provide innovative, meaningful
assistance in accordance with the principles and philosophy of independent
living to, and on behalf of, Arizonans with disabilities so that they may
attain or continue an independent lifestyle.

Independent Living has a short, but proud history based on strong principles.
Chief among those principles is Consumer Control?the belief that people with
disabilities must exercise power and authority over the programs and services
designed to assist them.

CyberCil of Arizona embraces the principles of independent living in the
development of its service model without regard for the barriers faced in
cyberspace. In fact, the center and its Board of Directors welcomes the
challenge of constructing futuristic models on the sturdy framework of past

For more information on the history surrounding IL, read History of
Independent Living
by Gina McDonald and Mike Oxford.

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