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"Look to your health, and if you have it, praise God, and value
it next to a good conscience, for health is the second blessing we
mortals are capable of - a blessing that money cannot buy."

-Izaak Walton

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The quest for total wellness - wellness of mind, body and spirit
is a lifelong process of evolution. As such it can take on an infinite
variety of forms. Whether we choose the Traditional or Alternative path,
our purpose is the same...and that purpose is to heal ourselves on every
possible level.

The Wellness Center is a place to learn, to share and to heal. The
following pages contain articles and links that will provide you with
choices and empower you to discover your personal path to better health.

Welcome to the Cybercil Wellness Center!

My name is Nancy Jay and I am the new Wellness Center facilitator. Over the past ten years, I have lived with what we often call “invisible disabilities”, for me these being multiple chronic illnesses, including Late Stage Lyme Disease, Hashimotos Disease, and Fibromyalgia. My personal and professional lives have taken a rocky road due to the constant ups and downs of my illnesses and, unfortunately, I know all too well how difficult it can be to achieve optimum health in the face of adversity.

My professional background is in health education and social services and the majority of my experience has been working with people with various disabilities and chronic illness. Several years ago, I was pursuing my Masters Degree in Public Health/Community Health Education; however the physical demands of the program and my worsening health forced me to put my degree on the back burner, as well as working a regular job.

I am so glad to be given the opportunity to utilize my personal experience, skills and education as facilitator of the wellness center. My hope is that the resources and information provided here will educate and empower you to make informed choices about your own health and well being.

For health resources and questions, please contact me at:

Be sure to check back often, as health links and other information will be continuously added.



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How about checking out our Health Worksheet ??

DISCLAIMER!!! By listing the information or links on any part of the Wellness Center, neither CyberCIL nor any of it's associates are prescribing, diagnosing or treating any illness or condition. CyberCIL recommends that you consult your Health Care Practicioner for these purposes. All listings contained herein are for informational purposes only!!