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Clothing Adaptations

Independent Living Tips for Housecleaning and Storage

Direct Access Electronic Aids to Daily Living

Adaptive Driving for Persons with Physical Limitations

Assistive Technology for Persons with Impaired Hearing

Reaching and Mobility Aids for Independent Living

Low Tech Devices for People with Visual Impaiments

Adaptations for the Kitchen

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Laws Related to Assistive Technology

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Universal Design Resource List

U.S. Department of Education AT - PowerPoint Presentation


Safer Building materials for People Who Can't Tolerate Many Commonly Used Chemicals

Cleaning Up Your Act

How You Can Help Chemically Sensitive Friends and Clients

OMB Recreational Facilities Guidelines Preamble

Chemical Sensitivity Service & Support Group of Phoenix - A Chapter of HEAL

Recommended Architectural Features for Multi-Family Housing to Better Accommodate Residents with Chemical and Electrical Sensitivities


flashing ball AZ State SILC Plan, 2005 - 2007 (WORD format)

flashing ball AZ SILC Plan Attachments (WORD Format)

flashing ball Disability Timeline in the US